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Patamon's World > Digivice > Digidex > How To Use This Digidex

How To Use This Digidex
This is a diagram showing where all the info on the Digimon is.
Digimon Name

Quick Facts about the Digimon

This area has a picture of the Digimon.

This area gives stats and basic info on the Digimon.

This area gives a description and/or biography of the Digimon.


This bit is the bit that's hard to understand. Listen well.

Rookies list all Digivolutions - ie. Normal digivolutions (linked), Armour-digivolutions (linked), DNA digivolutions, etc. of the Rookie and all the Digimon in that cycle. (eg. Patamon has Normal digivolutions, armoured champions and Angemon's DNA digivolution.)

Other Level Normal-Digivolutions list the Normal digivolution cycle (linked), and any digivolutions directly connected to that Digimon. (eg. Angemon has Normal digivolutions and his DNA digivolution.)

Armoured Champions list the Rookie they digivolved from and all other Armoured Champions digivolving from that Rookie (linked).

DNA Digivolutions have the Normal digivolution cycle for both Digimon up to the part where they DNA digivolve (linked), then any digivolutions of the DNA digivolution (linked).

Digimon have the Digimon linked to them that seem to make sense. For example, ClearAgumon, ToyAgumon and ToyAgumon2 are all at the same level, but they're linked 'cos it makes sense.

No Digimon has the weird card-game Digivolutions (eg. Gabumon > Kabuterimon) because they don't make sense to me. When the card games section is up, look there to find the TCG digivolutions.

Digimon Analyzer

Some Digimon which appear in the TV series have a DA listing. This includes who was talking and the season and episode numbers.
Name and Origin
This tells you where the Digimon name/idea came from.

Absolutely Useless but Interesting Fact

This tells you something interesting about the origin of the name. Or something.


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